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<SCH> (Street Corner Horde) is a World of Warcraft (WoW) raiding guild located on the Bleeding Hollow server. Our roots began in 2005 just prior to the release of the Burning Crusade expansion, and we have the unique privilege of being one of the longest standing raiding guilds in the WoW community. As one of the guilds original and remaining founders I, Roameo, welcome you. You ready to apply? Start [here].

Our Values
Mission Statement:
<SCH> strives for effective yet efficient raid operations by means of pre-planning and intelligence gathering at a collaborative level. We forge relationships that are built to last on the premise of doing what’s best for the guild, not the individual.

Guilds Principles:
  • [P]erseverance - Embrace the suck.
  • [V]alor - selfless acts in helping the guild.
  • [P]erspective - the ability to see beyond face value.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Update : ToV : 2/3M

New years update! Keep up the good work folks!

:violence-uzi: :violence-glob:



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View the latest post Attachment(s) 7/7m : More Screenies

The crew is 7/7M. Keep up the hard effort and good work all. What you put into it is what you're going to get out of it. No excuses if you want it bad enough! :happy-partydance:

We're always looking for players who are always setting a higher bar for themselves. This is what we're about. Just going to quote our recruiting page as a reference for any new candidates! :dance:

Roameo wrote:
Guild Principles
[P]erseverance – embrace the suck.
[V]alor – selfless acts in helping the guild.
[P]erspective – the ability to see beyond face value.

Guilds like to bolster their server firsts or top-end raiding rankings, however, very few possess the longevity that <SCH> offers. Furthermore, 95% of the time we raid only during the times & days posted. We've had the same schedule for over three years now.

We're an effective hardcore raiding guild due to the following factors:
* We raid only 10.5 hours a week.
* Planning along with preparation are essential key components. So it's expected that you're proactive on your own time outside of raiding, and that you're completely ready for raid encounters (MoDs, WeakAuras, and etc..).

We're an adult guild, and we don't tolerate non-sense. You shall adhere to our guild policies and procedures. Mutual respect is given, when earned.

Everyone, including our leadership, is held accountable in having a zero tolerance policy in regards to biases nor preferential treatment. In furtherance of the previously mentioned thought... If you can't take constructive criticism or handle being held accountable for your own mistakes, by any communicated means (public/private) - we're not the home for you.

Last but most important note, we do what's best for the guild, not the individual.




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View the latest post Attachment(s) Progress: 4/7m.

Great work all! Let's make a push for Monday and this upcoming week for progress. It's about tactics at this point. Let's not forget folks... We only raid 10.5 hours a week. Think about it. Remember our values and effort - what we put into it as a whole is what we get out of it. Please review our WoWprogress statement in regards to new individuals - those standards exist even for current members. Don't get complacent.



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