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[H][N] Archimonde Nerfs

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[H][N] Archimonde Nerfs

Post#1 » Sep 11th, 2015, 2:07 pm

Quote: Quote from: Blizzard

  • All of the following Archimonde encounter changes requires a realm restart to take effect.
  • We have made a number of changes aimed at reducing the difficulty of the Archimonde encounter for smaller raid groups on Normal and Heroic difficulty, with a focus on the final phase of the encounter in particular. These changes are offset by increased scaling with respect to raid size, so that the experience for larger raid groups will be mostly unchanged.
    • Infernal Doombringer's health has been reduced by up to 15%.
    • Shadowed Netherwalker's health has been reduced by up to 15%.
    • Living Shadow's health has been reduced by up to 15%.
    • Reduced the damage of Wrought Chaos by up to 20%.
    • Reduced the damage of Shackled Torment by up to 20%.
    • Living Shadows now spawn from each Nether Tear at a reduced rate for smaller raid sizes.
    • Added a 3-second cooldown to the periodic healing of Eternal Flame, preventing Infernal Doombringers from healing other Infernal Doombringers until 3 seconds after spawning on all difficulties.
    • Archimonde's health has been reduced by 10% on Raid Finder difficulty.

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Re: [H][N] Archimonde Nerfs

Post#2 » Sep 11th, 2015, 11:19 pm

Maybe now we can kill normal Archimonde :^).

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