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Website: Text Message Notification Guide

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Website: Text Message Notification Guide

Post#1 » Feb 16th, 2017, 1:22 pm

Last update: 5/9/17

- Text Message Notifications -

I don't know how each carrier behaves, if you chose to use this, it's on you. It behaves very randomly in terms of working due to the way carriers handle it.
  • The first step to taking advantage of this system is making sure your notifications are appropriately set up in your user control panel (UCP). So go there and get your options set: Go to the top section, click your name for the drop down menu OR [here]. UCP→Board Preferences→Edit notification options. In order to the text notifications to work, you must have enabled notify by email option.
  • Once you've set up your UCP notifications appropriately, make sure you're subscribed to forums that are of interest to you. To do that, go to whatever forum that interests you, scroll to the bottom, look for and click "Subscribe forum." I personally subscribe to our applicants, guild, and leadership forums - each time there's a post I get a text message.
  • So how do get text messages to work? What you need to do is figure out if your carrier allows email to text. So do a google search on something like this. Once you've established it works, you'll need to place your phone number as needed. So for example, I use Verizon which would it look like this:

    Code: Select all
    You do not put a +1 in front of your number.
  • Now, go to UCP→Profile→Edit account settings→email address: replace your old email the new one. Once you're done, be sure to click "submit."
  • Keep in mind this replaces your email address so all outgoing "emails" go to your phone. So should you ever have a password problem and have to reset it... I'm not sure how the system is going to handle that problem. We'll figure that hurdle if we need to. But I believe it should work just fine.
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